Interview: GKAE MSK
Interview by: Eklips Awr August 2, 1999

Q- What do you write?

Gkae- Gkae, Mad Society Kings.

Q- How long have you wrote?

Gkae- A good nine years now, 95' being my best.

Q- Who are your influences?

Gkae- Yeah everything I see, older writers who came before me, gang graffiti, and all the all city writers.

Q- How many times have you been locked up?

Gkae- Five times now, this being the longest. I've done 16 months so far, and I just started a three-year term.

Q- How do you feel about the fact that a rapist got a lighter sentence than you did on the same day?

Gkae- I didn't know that, but it doesn't suprise me; people feel threatened by graffiti, because they don't understand it. When the judge handed me three years he said," don't have one victim you have tens of thousands of victims that have to see your graffiti on their way to work."

Q- What would you tell younger writers?

Gkae- If you do graffiti realize what you are risking, but if you do it go all out!

Q- Do you regret it?

Gkae- No

Q- What do you regret?

Gkae- Hurting my family and friends. I don't regret the graffiti, I feel a majority of it wasn't wrong.

Q- What's jail like?

Gkae- It's no picnic. Ha Ha. It's a headache, constant politics and the food sucks.

Q- Is it a problem being white in jail?

Gkae- L.A. County, yes. Prison, no. It's gotten easier in the past five years. Southsiders and whites hang out more now.

Q- Does it help being Gkae in jail?

Gkae- No, because most of these peoples world's are small, and aren't concerned with graffiti. They could teach you how to cook meth or crack, but they don't know the first thing about graffiti.

Q- How do you feel about your education being on hold?

Gkae- At least when I go to prison I can take my basic college courses.

Q- Do you think you'll still be on point when you get out?

Gkae- Yeah, I won't be gone for that long. I read a lot, especially the newspaper.

Q- Sum up the whole situation in jail?

Gkae- Doing time and I got time to do. Just sitting waiting to get out.

Q- What will you do when you get out?

Gkae- Finish school, make some money, live a semi-normal life as a parolee.

Q- Do you have any last words?

Gkae- If there is something I want people to know is that I did bomb hard, and I don't want to be known as the the guy who went to prison for graffiti. If I bomb again? it's up to me.

-end of interview- (look out for follow-up interviews with Gkae)

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